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12 Years
Sep 4, 2007
I went out to my dad's and took about 100 pictures of his cows (mostly the calves). So thought I would share some of them.
This one is a heifer, she's wearing a white mask w/ the eye holes cut out!

And w/ mom,

This one is also a heifer, she was harder to photograph, kept darting behind her mom,


The only solid black one, another heifer I think (only pic I got of her, doesn't do her justice),

A bull, unique face markings!


And another bull, w/ an over protective mom, she didn't bother me, but she went after the dog (that was on the other side of the pasture) and another calf that got to close,

And these crack me up, you wouldn't have to guess who the mom of this one is (also a heifer), they have the same face!


And I had to get one w/ the spot on her mouth showing, I think the little red bull has one to,
And more pics,
These are the two bulls together (this was about the time the red's mom chased the black away),

And a few older calves,

This ones kind of special to me, he spent 5 days in my garage after he was born, he's doing fine now! (he was born the same day as the one above),



This is his mom,

This is my new heifer's mom,

I saved the best for last, I had to take a few more of my heifers!
The newest one (stood up on her own),

And several of Panda's calf,


(that's my bottle calf from last year behind her)



I hope I'm not making you sick yet of cow pics! I figure I'll probably be posting more of my two for sure as they grow, and my mom should be having some babies soon!
No way - Cattle are my favorite. I think the only thing that tires me is the fact that about 75% of all cattle in the US look like this. . . Which is why I'm getting Corriente and Watusi.
Loove the bull from the Garage though - Very nice looking little guy. His legs are nice, lengthy, and clean - he's got a good back - It all comes together better than most beef cattle.
We had a Corriente cow! We called her Wild Cow, we sold her last year and I was never so happy to see a cow go! There was a reason we called her Wild Cow! She didn't give me much trouble til that last year or two, but my brother in law hated her. The Watusi cattle are interesting, they had one where I got my mare they were planning to butcher and mount it's head on the wall. I like color and variety and can't seem to settle on a favorite breed, although I'm quite fond of Simmentals!

So you like the garage calf? It's hard to believe he's the same calf, I think he's looking really good, but I don't have a very good eye for that sort of thing, I'm working on it though. Do you think he's a good bull prospect? Or should he be a steer? His mom has always been one of my favorites! I don't currently have a bull, I generally use my mom's, but she sold him and we both used my dad's bull, Fast Eddie last year. So I'm trying to deside who to use this year, I could use Ed again, but I don't like the fact he has horns. I have my eye on one of the bull calves he's not related to anyone (except his mom) so he'd be a good choice if I end up w/ anymore from my dad, not sure if I want to buy him or borrow him, I was planning to build my herd up to about 5 (they'd live w/ my mom's 10 (that she's currently building, she has 4, hopefully all bred) and we'd share a bull), and didn't want to buy til I had what I wanted, but I've gone from one this time last year to 4!

Here is a young pic of the bull I've been considering (don't have a current one),

The garage bull is only 3 months old, so not old enough, and he's related to my two new ones, but I could possibly use him on the other two next year!
Wow, that guy is really nice! I like the Garage bull because he looks like he will last a LOT longer than average beef bulls. I'm not an expert with beef cattle and who to choose, but I'd probably go more with the last one you showed. He's got the beefmaster look going on. I'm just really curious as to what the garage one will look like as he grows. In that pic he seems to have little neck and a low set but good shoulder.

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