Coy Dog- In case you've never seen one. - Graphic Pic -


11 Years
Apr 20, 2008
Brewton, Ala.
Posted this on another thread and thought it might interest some of you to see him...

Edited-please make sure to post in the subject that a topic includes graphic pics.
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Wow! Have you ever seen your dog since? So you think that was one of his pups?
He and our lab mix took off on Christmas Day. The lab, Jack, came back two days later. Never another sign of Bingo. We always figured someone in a tree stand killed him because he thought he was a coyote. He was a heeler Aussie cross with long hair and sharp upright ears. I looked all over for years. Didn't want to give up. People called us about every stray and we went to check. That was probably five years ago. This thing showed up, dead in the ditch, about two years ago. All I can figure is that Bingo's genes got into the mix somehow.

Strange thing is that I felt really sorry for the coy dog. Made me miss my sweet Bingo so badly. He was such a great dog. He was my heart.
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We have Coy dogs in our area and a few years back was becoming an increasing threat to us in the rural areas. Nasty little cross, giving a predator like a coyote the comfort of confronting man. Stories around here have them in peoples back lawn at noon wiping out livestock.
My Mom Has Them In Her Area. Came Right Up To Her Pool (meaning Very Very Close To The House...... At Dusk) Had She Let Her Dogs Out (they Pretend To Be Scary But They Try To Protect Their Property) I'm Not Sure She'd Have Them Anymore. She Took Some Pics.... She Has A Gun Now.....
The other thing that happened to us this past year was the return of the bobcats. Never heard one in my life. They started in and, I swear, I thought it was a panther. That cough/bark of their will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end!
Aren't Animals Amazing..... And Oh So Creepy Sounding?!?
I Have To Close The Windows When I Hear The Coyotes.... Coy Dogs Sound Worse. I've Heard Bobcats Sound Awful Too. ::chills::
I never heard of CoyDogs before but thats crazy! We have a bobcat on our property but he has never been closer to the house than 1/4 mile. There are coyotes but not very many in our area.
Wow! So he must of survived for a while then.... Thank god your lab came back! Sorry this happend..

We have a pack here on our road..(they live/den in the sand pitts behind my house)...i am always so terrified when my dogs get loose...
We have them around here. They are never a problem though. You can hear the coyotes all around town once it gets dark. I like the sound of it though. We also have many bob cats and also mountian lions here too. They are scared of people for the most part.

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