Cozy Products Safe Chicken Coop Pet Heater

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3 NH reds

9 Years
Dec 5, 2011
Western Mass
We recently had our chick disaster. 11 of our 20 chicks were taken in one night, weasel is my guess due to the headless ones we found in the brambles. I moved them to a Turkey coop for now and replaced our electric fence with a new one and got a new fence tester I was going to wait until spring to get chicks but our layers are older Orps that lay 2 eggs for 10 birds every other day now. So I ordered new chicks to be delivered around October 24 and we are here in Ma so heat is a concern. I found the space heater online and I was wondering if it is any good?
Cozy Products Safe Chicken Coop Pet Heater
So sorry for your loss

I’ve talked of this story before ..
We ordered a cozy heater from amazon , it was great for a month or two then one morning I smelt burning ??

We took it off the wall and there was black melted plastic on the sealed electric box on the back . It said don’t open but when we did , hubby said the wires had touched causing sparking and melting plastic...

Would it have burned the coop down ? Not sure , they offered a replacement, I said no thanks

We use 750-1000 watt heaters with a fan , hanging on a chain in each coop , I blow them out each month . It’s been 4 winters with the same heaters now.

Good luck
It’s a lot to take in .

Have you researched the heating pad method ? My cat sleeps on one all winter for 10 about it
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