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Jun 15, 2010
Yes, I said crabs! I live in Maryland and we eat Steamed (not boiled) Blue Crab here. I have always been upset by the waist of all the stuff (shells, guts etc) that is a by product of cleaning crabs. I used to bury them in deep in the garden......

Now that I have chickens, I save the lungs, guts, fat and the finer deviding peices of shell from inside the crab and feed it to the gang. They LOVE it! Extra proteen and calcium!
Whew! I thought this was going in a much different direction!
When I went to the Philipines 2 years ago (My mom is Philipino, her family is still there) there were all sorts of crabs wondering close to the shore were the compound was located. One type of crab in particular (Called alagukoy) was eagerly hunted by the many game chickens that were used as a food source. In fact, is was one of the main foods these chickens ate/were fed since feed was very hard to get. The crabs lived in shallow burrows along sandy areas and when the surface of the burrow is disturbed they jolt out. I remeber I had a blast digging up those crabs for the chickens. They were 5 inches across, and were FAST. But the game chickens were faster, and they sure hunted those things. It's like the philipino version of a grasshopper I guess.

So I guess chickens can hunt crabs, but the other, not so much.
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DH is a commercial fisherman; Copano Bay Blue Crabs are kinda famous as being really good. The ones he caught today are already on a plane tonight to the east coast!
I've known people who drink all the guts juices etc out of crab. They call it crab butter.

I let them have mine too.


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