Cracked open egg, chick alive inside! Help!

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    This evening my daughter went out to toss the eggs that my broodies had left behind after their chicks hatched, and the first one she picked up scared her half to death. She turned it over and saw that the entire top of the shell is GONE, and the membrane is visible, there's blood, but the chick inside is still alive and moving! I have no idea what to do! It's been several hours now, and I figured it would die from all the blood I see, but no, it's alive. There's no sealing the shell with wax cause it's the entire top of the egg that's gone. I suspect another chicken pecked it open with the intent of eating the insides, but they got distracted. I have my mom sitting holding the egg for now, and she's keeping her hand cupped over the hole. Any advice? I have no idea how far along the chick is. It doesn't completely fill up the entire shell, but it's moving around and I saw it's beak earlier. It has to be pretty far along. Please, any advice would be very helpful!

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    Im no guru but maybe put i under a heat lamp with a warm wash cloth over it. Is the membrane still in tact? Keep it a least between 98-100 degrees.
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    I can't tell for sure, and I'm afraid to poke around in there, but I think the membrane might be ruptured. I thought of the wash cloth. My incubators are not ready, they're packed away and hard to get to. There's blood on top of the membrane, that's what makes me worry the most.
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    .... WHAT HAPPEN???? I read this.. and then it was like reading a story with no ending! Did it live?

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