Crackle in breathing


10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
Nova Scotia
What began with 1 hen with gurgling sounding breathing has resulted in her improving to a crackle and in atleast 2 others breathing with the same subtle crackle. All 3 of these hens are atleast a yr old and they have been plagued with mites all winter. We are finally winning the battle against the scaly leg mites but I notice that they quietly have some crackle or rattle to their breathing. I only notice it if I pick them up to treat their legs. I have been putting ACV in their water. Today was warm so they got some fresh air. I don't have any vet antibiotics, I only have something I can mix in their water to treat everyone. Some kind of a boost with antibiotics added. Should i give it to them? (spoil the eggs for 10 days)
Might this run its course without treatment? Might they be alright? Would yogurt help?
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What did you end up doing? Result?

I have a hen that is healthy but has a slight crackle when she breathes.

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