Craft ideas using chicken feathers? Post ideas & photos :)


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Sep 8, 2012
Hi BYC- I'm wanting some ideas on things I can make using chicken feathers. Alot of people make earrings, headbands and whatnot- I'm hoping anyone here can post on things that can be made. Over the past several months I've gathered many many loose feathers ( I have over 300 free range happy chickens on 14 acres & over 50 breeds!) It's getting cold up here and thinking of fun crafty stuff to do in spare time.. perhaps sell some online. Thanks guys- Hope to get lotsa photos and cool ideas!
A friend at our church has me collect the feathers so he can make ties for fly fishing. After he makes them, he sell them, he keeps a few for him self. I also saw a cool wreath made of feathers, it was cool. I want to put some on the Christmas tree too, glitter and hooks.
I've seen flowers made from feathers. They can be very beautiful in design. It does look as if if would be fun but require a lot of hard work and devotion to the craft. Here is a link with an image of a red rose made from feathers.

Many many years ago German table top Christmas trees were made of goose feathers.

Of course many Native American items are made of feathers from tourist items to very sacred items. Don't forget about the Indian Art and Craft Act of 1990 though.
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