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Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by brandigirl, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. brandigirl

    brandigirl In the Brooder

    Feb 23, 2008
    Carlyss, LA
    As you all know by now, I don't know much about chickens (but I AM learning). I love crafts and painting. Now I would like to know what YOUR creative or crafty side of life is like. [​IMG]
  2. MsMcChick

    MsMcChick Songster

    Oct 3, 2007
    Hi, I do woodburnings. I prefer animals, mostly wildlife, but i'll do most anything I can get a picture of (precious moments for new babies, doves or rings for weddings, poultry, goats etc for awards). I really want to get into doing cabinet doors for a friend who does interior decorating, but i've burned gourds, welcome signs, trinket boxes, pictures, etc. You can see some of it at[email protected]
    It hasn't been updated in over a year, I can only access the net at work and i'm not allowed to upload things here [​IMG]
  3. brandigirl

    brandigirl In the Brooder

    Feb 23, 2008
    Carlyss, LA
    MsMcChick, great pics of your work. I have a friend that wants to do gourds. Would love to see more of your work when you can update your pics.
  4. 2dream

    2dream Songster

    Jan 7, 2008
    Jackson MS
    Good morning Brandigirl.
    What a wonderful thread this will be.

    My DH says I flit from window to window on the craft thing.

    I have a whole room which he built for me for my computer and my hobbys. I have a room full of jewelry making stuff. I made jewelry for a couple of years just because it was fun. Got bored with that and last year I decided I wanted to make a mosaics gazing ball. So I ordered all the glass, spent a fortune in gas running around looking for a free bowling ball, another fortune on tools and still don't have that thing finished.
    I made an absolute fantistic spider web last summer with an old whiskey barrel ring, wire, a soldering iron and hours of work. It does not photograph well. I keep trying though because it is absolute wonderful.

    So yes, I am like a little bird flitting from window to window.
  5. brandigirl

    brandigirl In the Brooder

    Feb 23, 2008
    Carlyss, LA
    Yogi is in the process of finishing a 'play room' for me...LOL

    The gazing ball sounds really interesting, bet it will be beautiful.

    I have a new found interest with altered things. I made an art apron using old overalls. Uh, don't tell Yogi that's why his overalls disappeared.... My art teacher now wants me to make her one also.
  6. EastBayChickens

    EastBayChickens In the Brooder

    Feb 25, 2008
    scrapbooking and cardmaking!! Love it!
  7. ams3651

    ams3651 Songster

    Jan 23, 2008
    NE PA
    I like to do decorated wreaths, I sew all my sons halloween costumes...seems like sewing is one of those dieing arts. I do some painting too, just painted a farm scene on a mail box for my grandmother.
  8. cknmom

    cknmom Songster

    Apr 10, 2007
    Dickson TN
    I do many things, embroidery (I am trying to do machine embroidery but am having problems finding the correct program for my machine) sewing, macrame, jewelry, lots of other misc. things.

    2dream- try putting something behind it, maybe then the web will show up better in a picture.

  9. Kentucky~Momma

    Kentucky~Momma Songster

    May 20, 2007
    South Central Kentucky
    Most of the stuff I do, ends up in my house. I do nursery and toddler bedroom stuff, along with playrooms. The next thing on my list is painting a mural on the kids bedroom walls.

    Here is the little rocking chair I made last year for ds's 1st birthday:

    Here are the shelves that I made for the boys for Christmas 2006:

    I also quilt, knit, crochet, do needlpoint, and make the kids clothes. I always have something that I am working on. Usually too many projects.
  10. mustangsaguaro

    mustangsaguaro Songster

    Nov 30, 2007
    San Martin, Ca
    I cross stitch (it's been awhile though), loom knit, and crochet. Trying to finish up a crocheted afghan that was suppose to be a Xmas present for my grandma.

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