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So, many of you post on Craigslist to giveaway or sell extra chickens? When setting up my ad, I saw where they allow legal sale of animals but not pet giveaways? Am I missing something? Do people really list on craisglist often, and what kind of folks respond to Craigslist? I'm trying to rehome a rooster, not serve him up as a chicken dinner. Do any of you look for chickens on Craigslist?

Any help would be much appreciated.
I have sold many chickens of Craigslist, the ones that are planning to eat them tell me (and I don't sell them) the ones that are bringing their kids to come pickup the chickens, or offering to send photo updates are not eating them.
Also asking about the home that they are going to helps ensure that they will not be eaten.

I have given chickens away in the "free stuff" section and in the "farm and garden" section, I get more responses for free chickens in the "free stuff" section because many people check it everyday to see what is free and then say "oh that's sounds like fun" and call and the chickens are always gone within 24 hours (even roosters).

Once I ordered 12 hens from a hatchery and they sent 8 RIR rooster packing peanut, so I put them on CL and within 3 hours I had 4 people fighting over them and not for food they all wanted them to add to their current flocks.
I don't really look for chickens on Craigslist but I have sold and even given away roosters and ducks there. I always get quite a few responses right away and so far all were pleasant experiences.
I have sold chickens on Craigslist when I have extra roosters. I haven't gotten into butchering my extras & sometimes I have something I think someone else might get good use from.
I have also found a couple of really good sources from others that are selling on Craigslist. Craigslist has been much better than Ebay when dealing with live animals or hatching eggs. It's so much nicer having the personal contact with the people you are dealing with.
Karen in Turlock
I have given away 7 roo this year on craigslist and all have gone to good home. Some even call me with updates. One guy took a barred rock roo and a naked neck roo I threw in a naked neck hen with the roo . He called awhile back to say the BR has a nice flock of girls now and the naked neck has his own flock. Another lady took a BR and yesterday took my BA roo. She told me Oliver is getting hugh and is crowing now. She loves him.
I just this past Saturday gave away a lil pullet that our hens wouldnt accept. I weeded through the emails that didnt sound "right" to me. I got a lady about 2 counties over to take her to a nice farm home!

I have given away cockerels on there also. I knew that wouldnt all be pets, I just asked them to please lie to me if they planned to not keep them as pets. (I know it is sad but we felt better just not knowing the end results of them)
Around here in central Wisconsin, craigslist is a BIG seller of chickens. I either sell my chickens at swaps or craigslist. But here, we don't have too many problems. It's not like living near a big city. We do have "crazies"....but you can "feel them out" when they call and talk to you or when they Email. I don't like the Email, afraid of the scammers there. I like to hear the person's voice. You can tell a lot from a person's voice. If they sound "fishy" you can tell them that the birds are already taken.

We sell more than just chickens on craigslist. And we do buy off craigslist.

Good luck.
Okay, thank you all, very, very much. I'm feeling more hopeful now.

I promised my kids I'd try to find him a good home- they don't want him to go.
He's a silkie, so I'm not sure anyone would eat him anyway, although I know they are considered yummy in Asia.

Guess I'll have to give it a go then!
I am a craigslist junkie. I look at it several times a day.

I have bought off of craigslist and sold on craigslist.

I just got my hen turkey off of craigslist. Other items I have gotten off it: fencing, goats, gates, my chicken house (10x10 shed), t-posts, hay, vegetables, our long hair chihuahua, and plenty more that I can not remember.

I have sold or adopted out: goats, a saddle, and more I can't think of right now.

I don't bother with all the categories they have on craigslist. I mainly look at farm and garden section.

In the St. Louis area, there is a huge amount of listings (for farm and garden), usually over 100 a day. Now up around like Peoria, Illinois, they have maybe 1/4 of that many. So how successful a listing/post will be could depend on how large of a city or what area of a state you are.
I check craigslist daily. I have bought chickens on there, as well as sold many, and gave away many roosters for free.

I don't ask if they are going to be dinner. I figure all someone has to do is lie and say no and they'll get butchered anyway. Asking doesn't keep them from being butchered, so I would rather not know for sure and just assume they're going to be pets

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