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So I've sold lots of birds of Craigslist..of course I dusted them twice before they left and bathed them...But I've only bought one bird of Craigslist before I would Like to know if anyone else has had this problem in Oregon..............

So my rooster was attacked a coon and died and I needed a rooster to take too Clackamas County Fair since I was signed up for that.....

I went on Craigslist and found this 3mth old $5.00 rooster talked to the person she said he was in good health and everything...Black Cochin with Gold Trim...and I figured after fair I'd sell him I didnt want another rooster

My mom met the lady she gave him to us in a falling apart Cardboard box, It smelt like dead animal.....and when we got home he was covered in old egg yolk, feces, couldnt walk, I had to hand feed and wash him...

in about 2mths I had him (in the house) walking, jumping, chirping, eating, he'd climb the stairs and was a healthy chicken He went to a petting zoo...placed first in 2 classes at fair...and I still have him now

Has anyone ever had odd Craigslist Experiences Before???

This is him at fair

I don't have a craiglist story, but I'm glad your hard work was rewarded! Well done!
Glad you could save him and give him a happy life!

Here's my story;
I got started with chickens alil over a year ago. Well, I was searching for chickens on craigslist(before I found out you could order them in the mail :eek: totally suprised me) and I came across an ad for 8 hens, 2 leghorns, 2 buff orps, 2 RIR, an australop and a barred rock. Plus an Americana roo(later found out was an EE) it was a great mix of breeds for eggs. I drove out to get them one saturday and was horrified by their home. I'd seen healthy happy chickens before and these poor birds weren't happy or healthy! 9 birds were crammed into a 5x5 metal shed, No roost, waterer was dry, No feeder dish or anything, poop caked on everything! A strong smell of amonia! No outdoor time, and expect for one 2inch holes drilled into each wall, No ventilation :( she was selling them super cheap because she was mad that at a year old they'd quite laying! I took them home, gave them all baths. Then they got Nutridrench, warm oatmeal, fresh corn, canned cat food and black oil sunflower seeds. I dusted them and dewormed, and started antibiotics. Then they got put in a clean, huge coop, with roosts and 2 huge windows and nest boxes. I let them into a huge 30ft by 20ft run with lots a grass. 2 days later I lost the barred rock. 3 days after I lost both RIRs 2 weeks later, I heard the rooster crow for the 1st time! A couple days after that on thanksgiving I got my first egg, I didn't get another one til New years day. The white leghorns went to a new home across the street. But the orps, australorp and the roo are happily living life here.
That is a horrible experience. I can't believe what people will lie about on Craigslist. I'm so glad that he had someone like you to nurse him back to health and find a good home, though.

I'm sure he will live happily ever after and enjoy the kids at his petting zoo.

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