Crap- what is going on- swollen face

I have someone that is going to watch them- but I don't know if I can get meds here locally. I tried to call our feed store but no one answered.
Our turkey had a similar abcess. Though I medicated him (I thought that would be enough) he was dead within days, sadly, on the day we decided to lance the abcess. Apparently that is what needs to happen - lance and clean out the wound, give antibiotics, and closely monitor him, possibly repeating the lancing/cleaning if necessary. Maybe a vet could do this within a day since you're going on vacation. Good luck!
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I agree with KuntryGirl! I am sure you must have started him on Tylan by now, Poor guy looks like he's in pain! How is the antibiotic working?
I got the same problem I tried alot of things n nothing is helping someone told me to get a knife n make a cut in it chicks to let the air out should I do that or what should I do my turkeys chicks looks juet like the one in this pic can someone please help me out I don't want them to die I got two of them
I have 2 out of 4 turkeys with same problem. Chickens not affected. 1st turkey developed problem end of July. 2nd turkey several weeks later. I used Duamycin-10 (tetracycline hydrochloride soluble powder) in drinking water. 1st turkey responded and now looks normal. 2nd turkey is worse and i think i'll try lancing it tomorrow and try a different anti-biotic. Otherwise, they eat well, run around, fly, and no other problems. I'll try to add a recent picture soon.

It's still early, but does anyone know if bird with this symptom is edible?
I had 2 turkeys with this same problem. You can drain out the fluid with a syringe which will help some along with the tylan or Duamycin-10. I would wrap up my turkeys in a towel and insert the syringe at an angle into the swollen area and drain it out. It is basically drainage from the sinuses from what I have heard. Mine lived a long time with this problem. It seems to be pretty hard to get them over this or at least it took a while for me!! Good luck.
That poor baby. I sure hope you find a way to cure him...we've been lucky so far with our turkey's, but we've had to give a few of our chickens shots to Tylan 50 (Tylan 200 is too strong for young chickens), and the stuff is like a "miracle drug". Good luck and let us all know how it goes.

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