crash course on sexing 1 month old silkies please - Pics Added


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May 11, 2009
Orange, Texas
i got my wife interested in chickens - we already have 4 hens

she wants a silkie - and we need to try our best to get a female

someone nearby is selling 1-month old white silkies --- does anyone have any tips, tricks, old wives tales, or any other information that *might lead us to picking the right gender?

i know they are the hardest to sex accurately - and probably even harder to sex at 1 month old ... but i desperately want the wife involved in "the chicken project"

any and all information is greatly appreciated
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I'm far from an expert, as I've got my first silkies and they're only 9 weeks old. But I'm thinking (hoping?) that I've guessed mine right. I think that it might work if you look at crest development, if it's started growing much yet. I think the males will have more of a mohawk look, and the females will be more poofy and rounded. It worked on my polish, so...

But my advice is probably worth what you pay for it! Good luck!
Depending on the price of the silkies, you could get a few that you think might be girls and if you end up with a boy from that selection , you shouldn't have a hard time selling it. You may actually decide to keep him on so you can have baby's of your own later.
Try to see how wide the comb is. When it's wider it's generally a rooster.

There is an old wives tale where you hold the chick on its back in your hand, and if a leg sticks out it's a boy, and if it keeps both legs tucked in, it's a girl.
I don't know if its true or not though.
Can you post some pics so we can see? I love guessing the gender.. but Silkies are the hardest..

I have one that hatched in November and I am still not sure!! LOL
thank you for all the advice

i am waiting for the lady to call me back and i will go get them

2 hour drive round trip --- so once i get them i will post the pictures
woohoo ... they got some to spare

but they are making me wait until tomorrow ... turns out to be the same place i got my first 4 hens
The better the quality the harder it is to sex them. If they have partridge or grey, get the ones with the most penciling all over the body--they are more likely to be female. If they have cuckoo, get the darkest ones--they have a greater chance of being female.

If by wider comb you mean wider than tall, that is incorrect--all silkie combs should be wider than tall according to the standard. If you mean overall larger that other same age silkies, that is a clue, but not a guarantee that the bird may be male.

If you get older birds you are going to have a better chance of assessing their gender.

Worst case scenario, you have 50% chance of being right. Good luck!

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