Crazy chicks need love too (Taming from the start) with questions for the pro's

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    So I'm officially 5 days into being a backyard chicken aficionado. I've started to pick the girls up once a day because I do want them to be comfortable around myself and my family. Of the 5 I have one girl that already will curl up in my hands and purr which I was alittle freaked out by, I didn't know they purred. Then I have 2 that will go with it, and 2 that want to peck my eyes out. So I am going to keep working with my girls and hope I get at least 3 of 5 to be lap pets.

    I do have two questions to ask; what are some of your favorite treats for young chicks feeding from your hand... And secondly I have an 18month old that I'm very concerned about her well being. Do I need to change my clothes after handling the chicks? TSC made a huge deal about Salmonella so its always on my mind when handling my chicks.
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    Salmonella is a naturally occurring bacteria in chickens. Just use common sense . after handling chickens , wash your hands before you wolf down that sandwich. E coli bacteria is in humans. That is why you wash your hands after using restroom. Bacteria is not cool, but its everywhere. You don't want to eat the wrong one.
    Since I have had chickens, many many moons. I practiced descent hygiene, But did not go overboard, like hitting the shower every time I touched a chicken. Never had any issues with salmonella yet. MAIN THING. ''''''' WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE HANDLING FOOD. ''''''''
    Hope this answers some of your concerns.
    Now to your little child. ask your pediatrician in these regards. I know it has been suggested that children that grow up with pets , like a dog, do develop immunity well. You know that dogs don't disinfect themselves after coming from outdoors. Read all you can on raising children and you will appreciate being informed.

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