Crazy color question! What color rooster to use with these polish and d'uccle hens?

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    Am keeping all of my polish hens in one pen (khaki, choclolate, cuckoo, gold laced, silver laced, paint, buff laced, tolbunt, blue). Can not separate by color due to lack of space, but would like a few chicks that look like their mamas. If I could only add 1 rooster, what color rooster would be the most "neutral", or least likely to influence baby colors?

    Same with my d'uccles (blue/black/splash mottled, lavender. porcelain, mille fleur, gold neck)? What color roo?

  2. Silkies~Polishes

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    For Polishes:
    I might say blue would be most neutral, since if you breed a blue + blue=splash, black, and blue. probably not a black unless you dont want any more khaki chicks since khaki and black make 100% chocolate chicks. Although ive never bred chickens, i just got some polish of show quality stock that i hope that i will breed and show them. below is a chart from my research of genetics from and possibly another site which i cant remember the URL. I've also included frizzling just in case you have frizzles. Sorry i dont have info for all the colors, just the basics:

    Smooth with frizzle gene + Frizzle= 50% frizzle 50% smooth
    Smooth w/frizzle gene + smooth w/frizzle gene= small percentage frizzles
    Straight feathered + frizzle= Percentage frizzles, smooth feathered will have F-1 frizzle gene
    Pick up 1/4th frizzle genetics each generation
    Blue + Blue= 25% black(without gene), 50% blue(with 1 gene) and 25% splash(with 2 genes)
    Black + Blue= 50% black, 50% blue
    Black + Splash= 100% blue
    Blue + Splash= 50% blue, 50% splash
    Splash + Splash= 100% Splash
    Khaki + Black= 100% Chocolate
    Chocolate + Chocolate= Chocolate, Khaki, Black
    Chocolate + Black= Chocolates and Blacks
    Khaki + Khaki= 100% khaki
    Chocolate + Khaki= 50% chocolate and khaki
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    In my experience, do not use a Buff Laced rooster, you'll get mostly white w/black spots chicks.

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