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Went to the local feed supply house today for some "start and Grow" crumbles for my seven 4 month old chickens. Last month the price was around $10.00 for 50 lbs, today it was 18 something. They said their cost went up. OK, so I bought layer crumbles instead at 12.00. Any problem with layer food for my 4 month olds? They also get some scratch and treats every day. Thanks, Ed
Layer should be fine at 4 months.

As for feed, grower hasn't been 10 bucks a 50 lb bag here since like 1998 when I got my second bunch of cihcks! It runs about 20 normally for the non organic.
You will probably be ok but most opinions here seem to be feed grower until you get the first egg. Too much calcium can be harmful at younger ages. I'm still getting start and grow for about 14 buck per 50#.
just bought feed and shavings a few mins ago

layer was $11.64
chick starter $11.99
shavings $4.50

Thats about the cheapest. Theres a store close to my work that has feed, layena is $12.50 and flock raiser is $13.99
That's expensive! Why would the grow feed go up $8 in your area?!?! Are you sure they weren't trying to sell you the Quick Grow instead? Around here the lay pellets and the grow mash are both about $12. I think the starter is $14 or something. The Quick Grow, however, is $18 and the feed store has tried to sell me this instead of the grow mash. This last time I didn't notice that she rang me up for Quick Grow (even though our conversation involved grow mash) and had to go back in for a refund.

ETA giving lay feed at 4 months old is perfectly fine, so no worries!
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