Crazy for boiled eggs!!!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by amgreen1980, May 19, 2011.

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    Goodness, If I wasn't the one that filled their food 2 times a day, I would think that these kids hadn't eaten for a week! It took literally the amount of time for me to put the plate of mashed up boiled eggs (2 for 7 chicks), put in a load of laundry and the eggs were GONE! They were going crazy! And my shy little lightning is a smart girl, she grabbed her bite and hid behind the waterer. Then came back, grabbed another bite and ran! [​IMG] NO ONE was gonna grab her bites! [​IMG]

  2. My 'babies' are 11 weeks old, but boiled eggs are still their favorite treat. I only do it once in a while, now, but they still go crazy. They still grab a chunk and run away to eat it, so their sisters can't steal their bite.
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    I have to agree my chicks still love hard boiled egg the best as well. If I blink it's gone. A close second is the grass and bugs they get during our field trips. They are now almost 4 weeks old so we are taking supervised trips to the outdoor run so they can get used to it before it's time to actually be out all the time. I am hoping that it will make them better about being out once I let them out for a whole day.

    Other favorites I have noticed are banana, watermelon, spaghetti (big favorite because it wiggles) corn off the cob, and cooked oatmeal but not dry.

    Good luck with your babies!!

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