Crazy hen yelling

Help, why is she yelling?

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Mar 7, 2018
We have had terrible trouble raising hens. We finally are stable and have regular egg deposits but now one of our 3 year old hens is yelling all day and even into the evening before she goes to bed. It’s like she has a hiccup or two and then bahhhhhh really loudly.
She has mites right now and is being treated so could that be it? She is just uncomfortable?
Other than that she is great.
Is she sick? If not, how do I make her stop! I have her on video doing it but don’t know how to upload it to get help.
Buk-buk-buk-buk-bukaw! is the egg-layer cry. They do it when they're alarmed, when they lay an egg, and when another chicken lays an egg. They're loud and if she's started being doing that, she's probably not going to stop.

In my experience, hens actually get very quiet when they're sick or uncomfortable.

EDT: Could she be trying to crow? Older hens sometimes decide to take over the place of the rooster in the flock.
When we got them, they were covered in mites before we knew what was happening we lost two. The DE worked great and they recovered and started laying eggs.
Maleficent just started this about 4 days ago and it is terrible. 5:30-6 in the morning she starts.
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