crazy male goat!!


11 Years
Dec 27, 2008
ok so i have a billy that is most of the time very sweet and loving, but he is doing some weird stuff im not sure about. I have had him since he was a baby so maybe he is just now getting to that age. anyway this morning he his peeing all over the place and will actually drink it. he also doesn't want anyone near the goat yard. yes we do have a female in there and yes she is in heat but he has never acted this way before. Im not sure if its because we only have him and her now so he is more protective or what. but also he acts like he wants to pawl us. my mom was on the out side of the fence messing around in the flower bed and i swear that crazy goat tried to pee on her!! LOL he is also spiting at her, and takes his leg like he is going to kick her or pawl her. not sure what to call it. and she said he tried to bit her. now if he continues this i'll have to have him fixed or get rid of him. i got two little girls so im hoping this will stop once my doe is out of heat. Something else thats puzzling about it is i thought he was broke or gay ( not being rude) but i use to have more than one female and he never really payed much attention to them. and the one he is with now has never had a baby so i just thought he didn't take interest. any ideas? I have had him more than a year.
Sounds like he is becoming a " Big " Goat to me.. Peeing in mouth and on everything defintly Billy stuff ... Challenging yep Billy .... Peeing on mom He LIKES
Yep sounds familiar my little snorticus tries to sweet talk me all the time with yelling, blabbering, snorting showing me his billyhood hehhe, he is also soo mean to the other buck when I am around, since I took my female out he is alot worse and i am now seeing what being in rut is like, new to gaots soo I feel your pain .about the kids snorticus is now allowed around mine because he can't behave. But the other buck isn't as rude so maybe it's his personality.
that is to funny! I thought it was something like that. but my mom don't like him liking her! LOL I hope once my female ( peanut) gets out of heat he will settle back down. thanks for the reply!!
Yep! He's feeling his "Billy" self is all and is totally normal. This is one BIG reason there is no billy here.
I am SICK of walking in my goat pen to feed them and get rammed by my Billie.I have 2 Boer billies and Boer cross wether.

The billies are bottle babies and only one of them has become aggressive.Its like he wants the food so bad he tries to ram me into the gate so ill drop the bucket.Of course I don't let him and I have to kick him the head for him to stop. UGHH
He knocked me down tonight.He is only about 60 pounds.
I had a goat dairy for many years. I handled all kinds of bucks. I never had a buck get really aggressive with me. I must have made it quite clear to them early on that I was top goat because I was never challenged. Except once. Had a young not too bright buck with a wildly exaggerated sense of his own importance. He butted me. I was so mad I grabbed him by handfuls of skin and hair, picked him up bodily, and dumped him flat on his side in a mud puddle. He never did that again. Ever. I think I bruised his ego more than anything, but I got the point across to him.
Sounds like typical "buck" behavior.

Wait until he starts stinking! We fondly refer to our fainting buck often as "Sr. Reeky Stinky".

(he is sweet and does not know he stinks though).
That is normal buck behavior. Mine do it even when they are not in rut, so consider yourself lucky.

Especially since you were probably smarter than me. I build my buck pen only like 25 feet from the front door. So I get that 'yummy' buck smell all the time.

They will spit, pee, spray, blubber, and do a lot of other yucky things.

You should have studied up more before getting a buck. It is probably too late to get him fixed now, without danger.

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