Crazy Polish..and a ?


12 Years
May 6, 2011
I have three Polish chicks and they are not alike in the least! Well, maybe in the skittish department...They are so nuts sometimes!

I was wondering-I have heard that the way the head feathers display might indicate roo/hen. True? If so, what do you think with these?



I would love to get Polish hens but I read they do not do well in the cold and I live in the North..Close to the Canadian boarder. Would they have problems living here?
When I ordered 3 Polish FEMALE chicks, I ended up with 2 roos and a pullet.
Apparently they are not easily sexed at the hatchery.

The 2 roos were VERY VERY MEAN (like VELOCORAPTOR mean) so we did not keep them.

The little pullet is pure joy. She is our comedianne. I do have to trim her feathers so she can see - otherwise she strays from the group. She is on her 3rd life: I had her in intensive care as a chick, then saved her from a hawk, then a severe raccoon attack. But she is back 100% now.
My granddaughter had a White Crested Black Polish and he was in a pen with straw bales around it and a single heat lamp and he did just fine in the cold. We had a week or so when we were well below -15 so I would say, that is not correct!
And I'm going to have to refer to everyone else on the climate issue, as we live in MT, and this is my first year with chicks! I'm curious to find out if any of these are roos or not. Anyone have any ideas of what to watch out for (besides the eventual crow!)?
I'm bumping this. My polish chick, 6 weeks of age, looks just like your polish in the third picture. I'm curious to find out if it's a she/he. I have my suspicions that it's a roo but thats just because the flock follows her/him around. If one of the chicks is in trouble, he/she sounds out an alarm to the others and goes to investigate. But it's just a suspicion
He/she also carries it's self with head held high and keeps watch while the others range.

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