CRAZY question, but has anyone ever experienced this?!


12 Years
May 14, 2007
SW Indiana
We have a little Seebright/OEGB mix roo. He is super tame and all of our chickens love our dog. But the other day this roo decided to try to mate with our dog (who is a female, but spayed). She didn't mind him being on her or even pulling her fur! She (a lab/retriever mix) was laying down out back in the yard and he would dance around her, then jump on her back and pull a chunk of fur up (like a hens neck) and try to mate. She finally got tired of it and stood up a knocked him off. What do you all make of this? And has anyone ever seen this before?

It was really kind of funny, he was very serious!!
that would be a funny sight to's 1 for ya my male chihuahua keeps trying to mate our female spayed cat? Now are we gonna see rogs? or dats?

rogs= rooster/dog
dats= dog/cat
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Awhile back someone posted about their young roo that was in love with a large dish soap bottle. I guess a guy's gotta get experience somehow.
I think you got one lucky roo! My dog would have put up with that for one second and then that roo would have been outta luck!!

My dog is really tolerant and doesn't bug the hens, but she won't put up with any nonsense from my roo!
Do you think he's just trying to show whose boss? Dogs do this even when they are "fixed". My chihuahua jumps on the tail of our german shepards and rides them around jumping on his 2 back feet. He is neutered. He tends to do this when he is jeulous of the other dogs because they're getting more attention, at the time, than him. It's an extremely funny site!

The funniest threads today.

Now there's interspecies porn on BYC. I think this is a new low,

or high.

Imp- I'm not washing the mud off today.
Back before my family became country folk, when we lived in Nashville, my son had a pet rooster. He was raised with our pet schnauser. They slept together and ate together and both enjoyed the same house.. really..
The rooster spotted my sons foot ball left lying in the back yard and fell in love immediately. It became his lover for a long time.
My son, being just into puberty and learning of life, refused to touch that foot ball ever again. it was the joke of the neighborhood.

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