CRD Carried in hatching eggs?

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    Hello everyone.

    Quite some time ago, I was told by my vet that my chickens likely had CRD, even though after treatment, they're not having any symptoms other than the occasional sneeze. One bird, and older EE, had severe symptoms and did die. Even through treatment with duramyacin and tylan. I realize CRD is really rather common in back yard poultry flocks, however, I go to great lengths to make sure that I don't cross contaminate anyones' birds assuming they do have it.

    I've tried to track down how my birds were infected, but the number of variables is just too great. Fairs, private flocks, shows, hatching eggs, visitors, trips to feed stores. There's no way for me to know.

    My question is; Can I sell hatching eggs without risking the cross contamination? Will the chicks be infected from birth/carriers? If I can, are there any steps I should take to make it as safe as possible?

    Any opinions are appreciated.
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    Some types of CRD like mycoplasmosis MG and MS do pass down through eggs so there is a possibility of spreading the disease that way.
    So if it is a disease like mycoplasma, i would not sell any fertile eggs, because that is really a risk to your customers.
    First i think you should get them tested to find out what kind of CRD they have.
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