Cream legbar BIN eggs


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Aug 1, 2009
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Cream legbar eggs, the oldest will be no more than 2 days old at shipping. These are $5 each or 10+ plus for $50 plus $15 shipping.

They lay beautiful blue eggs. The parents hatched from eggs from the Sheriff and Bruce Hambrick.
We have 7 hens. There is a small chance of white chicks. The rooster is recessive white.

I wrap each egg in paper towel, and place them in an egg carton, wrap the carton in bubble wrap, then line the box wth bubble wrap/foam/paper/packing peanuts, depending on what I have available. This way they are protected from breakage and can breath, and has proved to be very successful. This is how I like to get eggs, and it seems to be very sucessful. Obviously I can't control how much shaking/ crushing/temperature extremes the box gets once it leaves me so can't guarantee hatching. Hatch rates at home are near 100%.

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