Cream Legbar Working Group: Standard of Perfection

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    Hey ChicKat, did you ever have a chance to talk to the people at that lab? The one that does genetic testing on various animals. Was it in Florida? IIRC they do genetic tests for color genes in horses, but only genetic health issues in chickens . . . I wonder if they can do color in chickens as well -- there's certainly a market for it.
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    let me guess.. the cream legbars are on the right side of this pic right?
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    So true..... I called them once and the person I needed to talk to was unable to come to the phone -- and since our phone is in the house were we never are -- we may as well not have one...but that's another tale. (Or was I calling the lab in Canada that time?) I emailed them - no reply - and emailed more recently -- but no response.

    I will try a phone call again next time I am by a phone and have the number and think of it. I'm finally finishing up a 3-year project -- whew...and I have to do the last minute things before the show is ready to 'hang' -- Hopefully next time, I get a/the person who would know. I will let you know what I discover.

    Anyone else with leads on getting genetic testing-- Especially now that there is a plethora of BB genes -- (math majors -- how many possible variables from all those possible combinations of B's?) -- Punnetts square where ARE you? ;O)
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    :Let's see if I can get this to work.

    This link:

    Contains the bird that GaryDean26 posted in post 1172 of this thread to illustrate single barring...but the bird is a Cream Legbar crossed with a Welsumer -- so if someone was breeding Cream Legbars, they would never encounter this bird. It would only come out in a hybrid.

    Whenever you see Mr.Darkbird -- remember he isn't a Cream Legbar at ALL. :O) ETA - O.K. 1/2 Cream Legbar
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    Um.... compared to standard, this rooster has way to many points on that comb, his earlobes are showing pink through the white, his wings are dropped a little below ideal and his back seems short--but maybe its just his stance.

    Oh, you probably mean is he a Cream Legbar? I think I see a little crest so probably yes.
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    I also thought that the back was a bit short for perfection. And the wings seem a little more open. I also think it is a Cream Legbar, and I don't know if the book actually identifies it as such. Long backs in animals are a bit difficult to come by.

    Remembering that the standard of perfection is intended as a guide and not a minimum requirements - I think it is a quite nice cockerel actually. Also, a picture is a split second in he may have looked better in real-life wing-wise.

    BTW, I saw all 5 of the Cream Legbars that were entered in the Fancy Feathers 4-H Club show in San Marcos, Tx on April 13. I have to say "hats off" to the people who entered their birds. There was a lot of admiration for the cockerels that I overheard from spectators. Of the two cockerels, the one who won was a bit more mellow, larger in size and colored a tad better than the other. But the write ups from the judge were that the one was wild, which I think means that the judge couldn't judge him. The other one got BB (Best of Breed). (I think that there has to be at least two of the breed in the show for one to be considered best)--- So really one small step forward for Cream Legbars - one giant leap for that particular chicken. One can only tell so much from a photo-- I understand now why judges would want to hold the bird. All in all it is fascinating.

    Lately, I also encountered a website, where productivity is emphasized. IMO some great insights there. I think in another post - GaryDean26 mentioned that Applegarth was one of the people instrumental in bringing back the CL - but perhaps it is a different Applegarth?
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    Same amazing Applegarth...he's not a spring chicken [​IMG]
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    Punnett's new square is here:
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