Cream Legbar Working Group: Standard of Perfection

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    I would love to participate, but will not be getting my eggs/chicks until Spring. In the meantime can I help in any other ways? I kind of like research :) I love a project, and come March will have incubator space [​IMG]should anyone like to see if the offspring of their stock breeds true [​IMG].
    Maybe these pretty birds from Avalon Poultry in UK

    ad from the UK

    Is this guy, owned by Judy Bartkowiac, from the UK close?

    I love these colors at Huckleberry Farms
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    Thanks Dak, Awesome suggestions, and you know what you are talking about with the APA/ABA and getting new breeds/colours accepted.

    Do you have any suggestions re a guide/sponsor?
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    I would seek suggestions from the Maran breeders there.

    I think it is also important the CL breeders develop thick skin because show quality birds are hard to come by in any breed, and there will need to be sufficient numbers of these shown to gain acceptance. It will take a well coordinated effort among CL breeders. It will take years, but learning the ins and outs of showing birds at an APA level will make it easier. It is important to separate this effort from the "new breed" fad.
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    I can help with the APA admission requirements etc. It will take at least 5 years to get them in the SOP and probably longer as the breed is so new. I was in on the Marans qualifications and all other new breeds or variety for the last 25 years.

    Walt Leonard
    Chairman of the APA Standard Committee.
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    I think we should pm you with real name, byc name, add, phone,e-mail, and number of chickens and source of chickens to have all this info in one place for now.
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    Can do.
    Time frame?
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    4). Collect preferences. You need to indicate if you feel the standard should be adapted in full, provisionally, or modified, and in what areas. If need be I will break the standard apart and we will discuss from head to toe, point by point.

    I lost one of my chicks that I just got Sept 17, the dark one.[​IMG]My ? is this , I know for Sure we have Light IE gray birds, chestnut birds IE dark birds and White birds. All coming from the lines of Green
    Fire Farms Are there any other Colors out there? Also both mine were showing crests , Is the reason the British dropped the (Crested) Cream Legbar from the name because some do not have crests?
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    Walt I am so glad you found this thread! I have read A LOT on all your help with the marans, so I am pleased we have you here to help us along.

    @omaeve my understanding is in Britain it is understood ALL cream legbars are meant to be crested, so they often drop the word "crested."

    I believe that Jordan Farms got his parent stock from GFF. Hopefully Richard will get on soon and see this new thread, I know he would be interested at least.

    I also heard that River Rock imported their own line but their flock is CLOSED at this time. Hopefully sometime next year they will be ready to open up again and we will have access to fresh bloodlines!

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    I would love to participate but am still a newbie and unsure of how to be of use. I have 2 pol hens and 3 roos,(2 of whom will be culled soon due to faults). I'll be following this thread and hoping to learn alot. Thanks for starting this.

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