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    I was looking at the pics provided of the UK girls. My 6 are all much darker and did come directly from GFF in Aug. I had a light colored boy 2 months older than the girls but he was always small, a failure to thrive issue, I culled him this morning as he was never strong and hardy. The other boys (3) are lighter in color than the girls but still not near the pics above. It'll be interesting to see what stardards are adopted as the line in general here seems to be darker than in the UK. If this light of a color is adopted I'll need to be doing lots of breeding and culling. I'd like to see a range of acceptable blue eggs put forth for a standard. I'm watching this thread with lots of interest! [​IMG]
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    When considering what your new club should be promoting, the excerpt from an email to me from a friend in the UK is worth considering. I had emailed him to locate some legbar stock from birds that had won ribbons in large shows. My friend is an accomplished poultry expert in the UK. Here's what he said:

    Have no real contribution to make on this one, other than the
    observation that prize winning stock does not always equate to viable
    fertility or consistent hatching quality of chicks. I know some breeders
    here in UK often keep two strains, one for showing and one for
    preserving fertility. With Norfolk Greys it has been known for prize
    winning stock to be virtual duds in breeding pen, ditto their siblings.

    With Cream Legbars, if I were in business, my choice would be to source
    stock that is of acceptable show quality but has a good record for egg
    quality of colour, shell and numbers. Possibly not the easiest of tasks.
    There again, the Cream Legbars chief merit in UK seems to be its laying
    capacity coupled with the egg colour and size. It may get out competed
    by the Americauna/Araucana in US, especially if someone is producing
    strains with good laying records.
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    Checking into it, will update when I hear back. :) Gorgeous birds!
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    The "Crest" was originally used to distinguish the strain of Legbars had the Blue egg genes from the strain of Legbars that didn't have the blue egg gene. The term Crest was dropped because the white egg strain became extinct. The crest has always been a crucial feature of the blue egg strain of Cream Legbars.
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    Jordan Farm's BYC handle is PamperedPoulty. They have contributed to the Legbar Thread. They are well know to have Green Fire Stock. The only Non-GreenFire source of the Cream Legbar that I am aware of is River Rock Family Farm in Utah. They got an import license to bring hatching eggs to the USA from England in 2011. Their web page is below.

    Over a lengthy phone conversation this summer River Rock Family Farm confirmed that they are NOT selling to the public at this time. It is safe to assume that everyone in the USA except Rock River Family Farm with Cream Legbars has GFF bloodlines.

    Oh....H&H Poultry in Burnet, TX list that they have their own blood line of Cream Legbars too. Their blood line was started from Plymouth Rocks and Brown Leghorns about 6 years ago. They wanted to use Ameracauna and Crested breeds in the USA to breed to the Cream Legbar standards. The H&H Poultry Bloodline is NOT an English Import. They are now have GreenFire stock that they plan to cross with their Gold Legbars. The H&H blood line is NOT one that I would feel qualifies for a Cream Legbar registry.

    Yes...We can assume that GFF is the Original on only importer of the Cream Legbars.
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    Why would GFF bring in an non-crested line then? To increase egg production? Thank you for your information concerning Jordan Farms and River Rock Family Farm :)
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    This is a breed that I am unfamiliar with, but Cheryl Cohen has some and has sold some in this area, so I have seen them. I believe hers are from GFF. If this is a utility breed it should be bred to retain that utility. I have never seen a breed that could not win in a show and still produce as it was meant to produce. I am not saying that people don't concentrate on one or the other, but when these breeds originated they did the job they were designed to do. What happens is that along the way the breeders select for either utility or show and that is where they make the mistake. The Marans had that problem but it is turning around. There are show birds now that lay dark eggs.

    Write a history, write a Standard (in the format that the APA already uses) and coordinate breeders to raise birds for the qualifying meet. I can give you suggestions or direction along the way. Generally the biggest hurdle is everyone agreeing on the breed description.

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    Walt Thank you so much for your help here. Having you on board with the cream legbars will make ALL the difference in making the correct choices, and I believe finally betting a great version of this bird accepted to the APA.

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    All right, looks like things are movin' and shakin'! Some multiquotes below.

    • All of you, thank-you for joining in here. I am listing the following as priority discussions (not to preclude others, just to expand these).

    • We follow the APA format. If there is a template, please post or PM it (Walt or Fowlman01). Else wise, we will mimic in format, language and style.

    • Omaeve, I love seeing who's who and feel that this forum is well-honored by who has shown up thus far. I may not be the best at a registry, but think this is very important. I am going to stay single tracked on moving the SOP discussion. That will keep me busy. How should we handle who is who? Do we want to add real names on this site, or send them to one individual. Feedback here. I am open any way that is chosen.

    • There will be many parts of the CL to discuss. I propose that by the end of the day I will cut the standard apart, give numbers and make sections (ie. egg color, legs, head) and re-post. This will help indicate post that refer to these sections.

    • I think egg color is a discussion, any and all current owners with egg laying CL, should participate in. Actually, anyone with interest, let's focus and comment on this today. There is an indication towards blue or shades of blue/green. Do we have any knowledge of other color here or in UK? Can anyone foresee a reason why excluding, for example olive would impact the breed, it's past history, or future legacy?

    • Anyone with connections to the BYC? Can we continue using this site, but establish our intentions to use information, language, intellect on a future cream legbar breed site. I don't have the knowledge here. I'd like to see BYC approval or blessings on this endeavor.

    • The door is wide-open for those who want to start a club site. ChicKat and Blackbirds13 have shown interest in this. I suspect there's a good pool of help on this. Should we keep both endeavors on one site or start a second forum for this?

    Let's keep going!!

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