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Aug 9, 2010
I didn't know what to call this thread, but I'm hoping to make sense anyway...I've had chickens for a half-dozen years now, and this was the first summer I had a veggie garden, too. I put hardware cloth all around a 10 foot by 10 foot square raised bed and was pretty successful at growing tomatoes and beans, etc. (except when the chickens could reach through and peck at the tomatoes!)

Anyway, one thing that drove me nuts that I can't figure out how to fix is the entrance to the garden. The chicken wire is, like, 3 feet high, and climbing over it has been ridiculously harrowing with the balance issues I have. I tried to fashion some sort of gate that I could open and close, but I couldn't figure out how to fasten it so the chickens (and the dog) couldn't get in.

I've even considered a nice archway as an entrance to the garden, but I would still have the same do I make a gate that I can just open and close/lock? Surely there are others out there with both chickens and gardens. How do you do it?!


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To be honest I've just got two tomato stakes with some plastic wire between as a gate. One is permanently fixed into the ground the other isn't in the ground so I can swing it open. Then a loop of string that hooks that swinging one onto a third in the ground. Honestly the chooks just don't try that hard. If it was a gate to get out of their run they would be through in a second but they aren't that determined to get into my garden beds.

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K - I guess this is about the simplest gate to make:

1) Plant two 4"x4" poles vertically into the ground approximately 3 feet apart. If you can, dig holes ~3 feet deep and cement them in. If you can't, use a bunch of diagonals to keep them firmly in place.
2) If the big problem is that they are getting under it, install a "step" approximately 1' high with a piece of 2"x4" (or something)
3) construct a square frame out of 2"x2" or 2"x3" to match the dimensions of your gate. Add a few diagonal cross members to keep the frame sturdy.
4) staple your chicken wire to the frame
5) install hinges onto the frame and screw it to one of the uprights from step 1
6) install whatever lockin mechanism you want to secure the gate closed

I saved a real simple paint file to illustrate. Hope it helps. One thing to note. I keep talking about lumber. You can easily do the same thing using small logs (keep the price down :)
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