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    S&SPoultryExchange :

    Quote:So you're saying that the whole "White/Black Crested so-and-so" is only a Polish thing? There isn't anyway to get it into the Silkies?

    No im not saying there isnt any way. I just think it maybe difficult. Maybe it should be something you should try. Im going to have my hands full trying to get pulkens. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Hmm.. well, if someone hasn't done it in 10 years then I'll get right on it [​IMG]
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    Quote:Hi nicalandia
    He is a very large bird. I plan to cross the male Saipan Jungle Fowl with the female Buff Brahma Fowl next spring. Please let me know what you think of this cross.

    Clayton Grace
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    I disagree with the idea that we already have enough breeds. Breeds are created by humans to fill a certain need. Most of the breeds we have now seem to me to fit into one of these 4 catagories:

    1. Pure production birds. Examples: Commercial white leghorns, cornish cross, production red. Focus is on production, not personality or looks.

    2. Old Time farm birds. Examples are Barred Rocks, RIR, many many others. Focus is on a bird that can lay eggs but also be eaten, can forage pretty well, decent personality, often can raise its own young. These breeds are often what I would call "handsome" but not exactly "pretty"....(I do realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder).

    3. Fancy Birds. Focus is on beauty (although some of these breeds are derived from more practical birds, and of course any chicken lays at least a few eggs, and any chicken *can* be eaten ). Examples: Cochin, silkie, true bantams etc.

    4. Sport Birds (Game breeds).

    It seems to me that there is a new demand for a new catagory that has been created because of the recent trend of backyard chickens/ pet chickens:

    5. Backyard Birds
    Chickens in this new catagory would be kept for laying, not meat. They should look very nice, or at least look very interesting. They must have good personalities. They must lay pretty well although production is not the very top focus. A beautiful or unique egg is a big plus. Being sexable at birth is a plus because most backyard owners do not keep roosters. They do not need to go broody. They should be able to live in the northern as well as the southern states. They must be readily available...not something you have to search all over to get ahold of. They should have a name that is attractive and not "in dispute" (I think that I speak for a lot of backyarders when I saw that the whole EE/Ameraucana/Americana/Araucana cat fight has been a HUGE turnoff).

    Easter eggers, Ameraucanas, Welsummers and Cukoo Marans each meet some of these criteria, but not all.

    I think that in England, they have more choices aimed at this market: the Speckeldy, Fenton Blues etc. I wish we had more breeds like this in the States. Here are some examples of breeds I think we need:

    A. An Olive Egger breed. I have heard someone say they would name them Olivias. If I could create Olivias they would be a barred, autosexing olive egg laying bird with muffs, beards and a pea comb.

    B. A calm, beautiful white egg layer. Right now about our only choices are the Barred Holland and Dorking, both of which are hard to find and often end up laying a light tan, not white egg. Hey, how about something Blue/Black/Splash! Wouldn't that be cool? Maybe something based on the Blue Andalusian but not flighty and prone to frost-bite.

    C. Something that reliably lays those eggs with a pink or plum blush that I see posted every once in awhile. Cool!

    What do you all think?
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    I think that was a great post, fiftyfifty!
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    Quote:As far as the white egg layers, I have a few white leghorn hens that are VERY calm and gentle. I realize that the breed is know to be very flighty but not mine...they would live in the house if they could. Maybe it was because I spent a lot of time with them as chicks (I'm an instructor and have the summers off).
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    Quote:The "EE/Ameraucana/Americana/Araucana" dispute you speak of isn't really as big an issue as you make it out to be. Ameraucanas and araucanas are two different breeds, both recognized by the APA and have an accepted written standard. They can be shown and win in sanctioned shows. EEs are simply a mixed breed that has ameraucana or araucana (usually the former) blood somewhere in its background. They can lay any color egg, including but not limited to blue, green, brown, white, tinted, and olive. They have no standard and can come in any color shape or size. They can have any type of comb, they can be bearded or non bearded. They can sometimes have green legs, but not always. They cannot be shown in sanctioned shows as they are not a recognized breed. Americanas are a misspelling of ameraucana.

    Most of the misunderstanding regarding these breeds stems from the major hatcheries listing their EEs as ameraucanas and/or araucanas.

    Anconas, houdans, sultans, buttercups, campines, sumatras, crevecoeurs, spitzhaubens, houdans, andalusions, minorcas, white faced black spanish, and polish also lay white eggs. They come in many color varieties, including bbs.
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    Zaxby's mother was a red frizzle (you can see the red on some of his feathers) & he is frizzled from her & father was a black polish. Zaxby is black and has some feathers on his head & he has the green tinge color to his black feathers like his dad did. He is by far the prettiest thing I have EVER hatched! [​IMG]
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    Maybe Zaxby could be a Prizzle??? [​IMG] Folish??? [​IMG]
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    Quote:i have a hen like that her dad is a Salmon Faverolle and mom EE im working on feathered legged EE's im sure there out there i have one but i want more!!!!!
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    Quote:Saipans are very tall birds, I think andre has some Saipan blood in them, you can see his thick eye brows and thik shanks,....and Brahma has Malay blood and are very large too, expect som giants running around your back yards....[​IMG]

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