Creating Autosex (not Sexlinked) Geese


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
I'd like to add new blood to our Pilgrim flock and wondered how to go about things without losing the autosex qualities. Here are my two main ideas - will either of them work?

First, cross a Pilgrim gander with a Toulouse goose (preferred) or a small Embden gander with a Pilgrim goose. Will this speed up the ability to get autosex offspring, or at least cause more of the young to be autosex in the first generation?

Or cross an Embden and Toulouse and keep the appropriately colored offspring. The big downside I see to this is that the sexlinked traits the young have will be the opposite of a Pilgrim, so wouldn't I have to wait for an accidental white male and/or grey female before continuing on?

This flock will be kept 100% separate from my Pilgrims and the culls will be kept for meat - not sold.

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