creative incubation


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Oct 26, 2015
New Jersey
Hello everyone!
I don't know if any of you have been experiencing the same weather issues as we have in the north east, but it's been warm as the spring in the middle of December. This warm has confused my ducks and my female has started laying again. I found an egg this morning! Last spring my boyfriend talked me out of buying an incubator and a whole clutch of egg got stole from my females nest since she didn't always sit on them. After finding the egg this morning, I took it and brought it in my house. Upon inspection, it doesn't look like it has a red spot on the inside, but I nested it in a towel and put it under a heat lamp. I keep rotating it so that all sides get the heat. I am only going to do this for a few days to see if it will even work. My question is, has anyone else tried this method? It seems a bit creative to me, and crazy to my friends, but I can't help but try!

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