Crele Polish Hatching Eggs 12+ eggs Price includes shipping


9 Years
Oct 28, 2010
East Tennessee
Up for your consideration....12+ Crele Crested Polish LF hatching eggs. Price includes shipping; These are my F4 eggs. Extras will be sent. My hatch rate has been very good. As with many fancy breeds the males are very flashy with the females being a bit subdued. Females are usually reddish with some markings or black/brown barred. Chicks can be sexed by color. Rarely you may have a diluted rooster which are very beautiful. If you want to add color or something different to your flock you will love these. I have 2 dozen available.
Sale ends Sunday at 9 PM EST on the first dozen Monday at 9 PM EST on the second. Please PM me with your shipping info to purchase.
Due to individual hatching practices and outside shipping happenings I am not responsible for eggs once they leave my hands. Eggs leave well packaged. Package is mailed 2-3 day Priority mail. Tracking number will be messaged to you. Thank You!
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