Creles in lockdown!


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Oct 23, 2012
My shipped Crele and English Orpington eggs went into lockdown tonight! I see movement in 14 out of 17 but the airsacs are way bigger than I would like and a couple of them have what looks like two airsacs pushed together so I am going to try hatching them in egg cartons. Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!


Edit: 2 out of 17 were clears and one stopped developing so only 14 went into the hatcher
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Update: So far 10 out of 14 have hatched so far! 4 English Orps and 6 Crele Orps, all from The Fancy Chick. One more is on the way and the last 3 show no signs of pipping...yet. Still staying very optimistic. I'm adding pics of my new babies
Oh and I did this all with my VERY iffy farm innovators circulated air incubator. This was my first experience with shipped eggs and hatching in cartons. I didn't even think 2 would hatch let alone 10...

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Congrats on your new babies! That is really great for your first hatch, especially with shipped eggs. The first pic with the chick looking up at the camera is so cute.
Thanks cmfarm! This was my 4th hatch but my 1st experience with shipped eggs and using a carton. I definately think I'm sticking with the carton from now on. I'm pretty sure this hatch wouldn't of been as successful without it. The airsacs looked so unstable.

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