Creosote Posts?


8 Years
Dec 7, 2011
So I've already been slightly agonizing over whether or not to use PT lumber on my next coop due to the remote possibility of the leeching of the treatment to soil, water, or feed. So, this may be a stupid question, but what about creosote posts for the corner posts? Are they a no-no or are they an option? Thanks, much!!
Are you talking about creosote or the pressure treated "yellow wood" they call it? Make a big difference. If you are planning on using something like RR ties then you are asking for trouble.
Creosote as a previous poster replied is way more toxic than the treated (yellow wood) pine of today.
Creosote is a pain the butt these days. Posts are almost always more expensive that pressure treated lumber and you'll quickly dull or ruin saw blades that you use to cut them. We have moved from using all creosote soaked fence posts on our farm to PT line posts because they are so much cheaper and we're getting the same lifespan out of them.

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