Crests and barring


Nov 4, 2017
If I have a pure Crested Cream Legbar that I have with EE, Welsummer, and Wyandottes.
Will he give his crest to 100% of his offspring? I am seeing many with funny hairdos but not all???
I recently hatched out some EE, OE mixes using my CCLB and the chicks are 3.5 weeks. Much cuter than previous hatches- no ugly stage yet!
I am trying to understand my results and if they are predictable or unusual.
Some have single combs, some have pea combs, some have rose combs maybe? What does a rose comb look like on a 3 week old chick?
Also not all the chicks will get a crest. Usually the bigger the crest on birds the bigger the crest on chicks, and clbs only have small crests, plus patients with no crest taking half the genes will result in some not having a crest

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