Croad Langshans

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    Hello, i have just been looking, and i can not seem to find a breed profile for the Croad Langshan, from what I understand they are a breed of their own, if i am wrong please correct me. I thought it might be good to have one for them, I have four 5 month old ones, they are such a great breed!
    Thanks in Advance
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    Dec 12, 2014
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    I have never heard of them :O I just checked my go-to rag-tag chicken website (it has so many id's of birds omg) and this is what it said under Langshan- "Croad Langshans have a backline that forms a "U" shape from head to tail -- I believe that's the fowl we just call the Langshan in the US."
    So I suppose in place other than US they would be a different breed! :3 Heres the website I quoted from in case your curious-
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    Ok, thanks so much!!, (i am from Australia)

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