Crooked Beak... What can I do?


6 Years
Jun 12, 2013
I will get a photo posted when I can but I noticed about a month or so ago that something looked odd with one of my chickens. Finally figured out that her poor face got injured somehow and healed but in the process distorted and now her beak is crooked and overlaps. It's getting pretty sharp and starting to curl up.

What can be done to help her? I'm a new chicken owner but I kinda assume I can file it down? I don't want to kill her as she seems to be getting by just fine and well I'm a little attached since I've had her as a chick. Haha
You can trim her beak just as you would a dog's toenails being careful not to clip into the quick. Provide her feed in a deep bowl so that she is able to receive adequate nutrition - sometimes wetting the feed makes it easier for such birds to feed.

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