crooked beak?

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7 Years
May 23, 2012
North Idaho
We acquired a girl with a crooked beak. Shes sweet and lays her eggs like a good girl. seems to have no problems eating. A bit shyer that our other girls but I'm not sure if that's breed related or not.
Guy though it was an early injury during her first days as a chick.
so my questions are....
Is this likely an injury thing?
Will she pass it to offspring?
I've had several, and if they don't thrive, I cull them. I did have one who figured out how to get in the feed container and eat, and she lived to lay very nicely. I would never have hatched any of her eggs though, as I believe that it may be genetic. She was culled yesterday with half of the rest of my flock due to unrelated reasons.
yes I read your post, and again my heart goes out to you.
So genetic? I see. I did not realize that more oft than not they cant eat.
That would be horrible to deal with so yeah hatching her eggs would not be wise.
Like toenails. It has a horn part and a quick part. Just nip off bits of the front edges of the top beak a little at a time. If you get into the quick, it will bleed like mad but isn't anything to freak out about, it will stop in time, just like a toe. You'll get the hang of it pretty quickly.

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