crooked neck after mink attack

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  1. melchic

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    Oct 28, 2010
    I had a mink bite one of my girls in the neck. For the first day and a half she had her neck straight back, resting on her back, with her beak pointing straight up. Today she has her head back up but her neck looks crooked. Could it be broken??? Anything I can do for her??? She is drinking and eating a little. She appears to be doing much better but her neck looks really strange
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    I don't know what to tell you- do you think it just hurts her?

    There is a condition called crookneck or wry neck and it is treated with some specific vitamins. You can do a search on here for that. But I don't know if that applies to you or if this is just pain from the injury.

    I hope someone else will answer.
  3. Erl-King

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    Nov 9, 2010
    I am curious how your hen with the injured neck has faired?

    I also had a mink attack and kill several of my birds just a few nights ago and am trying to care for one with a similar neck injury. All but one that it attacked died and the hen that survived is injured with a pretty substantial laceration on her neck, one side of her neck feathers were ripped out. I covered the wound in blue wound powder. At first she seemed ok, then I noticed a day or two after she began standing apart from the rest of the flock and seemed reluctant to bend down to eat, she would sort of half-heartedly peck at the ground, and just acted generally dazed and sluggish. I figured her neck was sore or it hurt her to bend down. On day 3 I brought her inside into an isolation cage where it was warm (it had been quite rainy and cold on the day of the attack and morning after) as she seemed clearly to be in worse shape than I originally thought. Now it seems she's got a cold, slightly runny nose (clear), a little wheezy. I've been giving her VetRx topically (nostrils) and in water. She is NOT interested in grain, but will drink a mixture of raw milk and molasses readily. Tonight, Day 4 I noticed her one eye looks squinty. Is this indicative of infection? Wound is not oozing or open as far as I can tell and has scabbed over. If I administer antibiotics, does anyone know what's best to use in the situation? Would vitamins help? Not sure how to proceed.

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