Crop impaction? Poisoning?

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    Barred Rock Hen, 2 years old, free-ranger. Water and commercial layer ration available 24/7. Moulted in April. Hasn’t laid an egg since although she does get in the nest box daily and even sings egg songs. Otherwise, appears healthy. No wheezing, no discharges, eyes clear and bright, comb and wattles are bright red, no bugs, new feathers are lovely, weight is good. All other birds including youngsters appear to be healthy.

    Two days ago I noticed her at the waterer consuming copious amounts. She literally took on a gallon before I went out to stop her. She was so full of water that it was leaking out of her. I picked her up and she vomited. I suspected a crop issue so I massaged it until it felt empty. I felt no lumps or bumps and there was no bad smell. Put her down, she went straight back to the water and drank another gallon. HUGE crop - full of water. I left her alone at that point.

    She is moving pretty slowly but still acting like a chicken for the most part. Showed up at the coop at bedtime. Slept on the roost. The following morning her crop was still pretty full of liquid. Felt mushy. Still no bad odour. Poop was white and watery. No surprise there! I gave her 3 mls of olive oil, just in case, and massaged her crop several times which did seem to make her burp. She had no interest in food or water. Not even yogurt which is one of her favourites.

    Today she seems slightly better. Crop was empty in the morning. But it still feels like a bag of mush. She did take some raisins and a bit of layer crumbles from me this morning and she did leave the coop. Although she is moving mighty slow! She looks bright and her comb colour is still good. She seems a bit weak. Poop is now whiteish-yellow, watery, with some dark green solids today.

    I also used a product called "Path Clear" by Scotts on my sidewalk that is supposed to be citric acid and vinegar which I assumed would be safer for the birds than Roundup. Product was applied 12 hours prior to letting the hens out.

    Does this sound like impaction? Or poisoning? Is there anything else I should be doing for her?

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