Crop Issue - what would you do?


11 Years
Oct 6, 2010
Bay Area, CA
My 6 month old BO has eaten something that is not clearing from her crop. I noticed last week that she was going to the grit bowl more often. And when I felt her two days ago, her crop was bigger than the other hens.

So yesterday morning, it wasn't totally empty. It had maybe a 1" lump in it. Not hard but not gassy either. I gave her some olive oil and massaged her. Left her in the run with the other three hens all day.

That evening, it was quite full but it was hot and she probably drank lots of water.

She pooped several big poops over night so it's moving through her. But this morning, she still has that little lump in there. She is otherwise fine. I see her eating and drinking.

What would you do? Leave her in the run or isolate her in a crate in the house?

I think they are eating something in the garden that is on the tougher side that is simply taking longer to process. I've put wire rings around the suspect plants. All except the Wooly Lamb Ears. That stuff is EVERYWHERE in the garden. And I do see them eating it. Silly hens.

So isolate her or leave her be?


11 Years
Mar 7, 2011
Finger Lakes, NY
Hi there,
I vote for leave her be unless she shows any signs of distress or illness. It may simply be that she eats a lot and it processes slowly. Keep an eye on her, but let her do her thing,

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