Crop - not hard, not sour, not emptying

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    Jul 5, 2007
    I've been dealing with a crop issue for awhile. There was a large bug in my hen's crop for more than a week. I finally got her to regurgitate it. She hasn't been eating for over a week. Her crop has been squishy the whole time. But when I make her vomit, it doesn't smell bad. I force-fed her yogurt last night. 20 hours later the yogurt is still in her crop. It doesn't smell bad, just like old yogurt. So even after I've gotten the bug out, the crop isn't clearing. I've tried oil, monistat, massaging, soft foods, yogurt, vomiting. I'm also using the crop bound pills from Twin City Poultry Supply. No luck. I don't know what I'm even treating. She pecks at her food like she's interested. Should I keep vomiting her even though the crop doesn't smell really bad? Can you have an impacted crop without it being hard? Am I missing something? She's old and has lost lots of weight, but she's still standing. I'm not sure what to do next.

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