Crop problem


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Nov 17, 2020
One of my pullets is having problems with her crop. I’m not sure if this is a sour or impacted crop. It’s enlarged but very squishy, not hard, and there’s no bad odor from her mouth. Also, my experienced friend said pullets rarely get sour crop. Is there a way of knowing for sure what I’m dealing with? And what should I do? I isolated her, no food or water for about 12 hours. I gave her some olive oil and massaged the crop. Don’t see any result but she’s making a gurgling sound from time to time.
Yes, I’ve read it and have been following the recommendations. My hen’s crop doesn’t quite fit a description of impacted crop though. It’s not hard but it’s not soft and mushy either. It feels like it’s filled with something granular, like grains or small rocks. Is it possible she swallowed rocks or sand? I use coarse construction sand as bedding in the coop.

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