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    Apr 25, 2016
    My sussex is almost 4 months old and for some reason she had a big crop. She looked like she was having a seizure and before I noticed that, she just seemed off. Then as I carried her I noticed she was "drooling" She didn't stink but did have a bloated crop so I proceeded to try acv and water and then finally decided I had to help her as she keep head bobbing and vomited her. She is having bowel movements which are watery but the poo part is green and she even passed a piece of grit. Here is where I am confused. I thought she had a sour crop as it felt so soft compared to the 2 impacted crops I had on meat chickens last year. But I swear she feels like she has too much grit or sand or something in her crop too. I am just wondering if I should try to give her some oil or not at this point. I thought oil was bad for sour crops but I swear it feels like she ate more gritty stuff (whatever it is in there!) today when I didn't have her secluded. Even as I purposely watched her on the lawn, she seemed to peck the ground, like she wanted rocks or dirt. I am just wondering, what's up? Can you have too much grit? Is it maybe mulch or what? It honestly just feels like course sand when I rub her crop. It all moves around but the grit feeling is just unnerving, esp. due to how much seems to be in there (1/2 cup?) I did feel something go down yesterday when I massaged her and since she passed a piece of grit, I guess I was right but I wonder - can too much grit cause impaction and if so what do you do? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks!

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