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Apr 2, 2011
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I thought on here in someone's post, they said to be sure to have the here is the foggy part for me.....full at night, or not full at night....

Can anyone respond, as to which is good or bad. Or if any of it is an issue. THe reason I ask, is we had my watermelons as a treat last night, and fed the chickens the skins with the last of the melon. They attacked it, and when they were heading in for the night, their crops were so full.

Thought maybe it was not a good thing to have it full when they were heading to the roost for the night???

What about winter? make a difference. Empty or full?

Just curious!


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A chicken defensive strategy is to fill the crop then go somewhere safe to digest it. A full crop is not a problem, either when they go to bed or any other time during the day.

Is it necessary that the crop be filled when they go to bed. Not really, but many do tend to eat quite a bit just before bedtime. After all, they don't eat during the night and it is a long time to breakfast for them. Whether the crop is full or not when they go to bed, they will wake up hungry. I think it is a good idea to have food available to them before they go to bed in winter. Those nights get pretty long. But if they don't stuff themselves I don't worry about it as long as they are in good health and eating regularly.


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It does need to be empty when they awake in the morning though because if not, there's a possible blockage.

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