crop trouble... can you help?


12 Years
Jun 4, 2009
I've dealt with impacted and sour crop, but this seems different. Bantam EE, her crop does empty but it can take over 24 hours and it's always soft, like water but NOT big and huge like sour crop, and her breath doesn't smell sour. Her crop doesn't seem to have much 'tone' and seems droopy.
Here's what I've done so far:

Day 1, 2: No food for 24 hours, crop emptied (SLOWLY).
Then small amount of mushed tomato and olive oil with a few crumbles mixed in.
Crop didn't empty overnight, was soft and smaller but not empty.

Day 3: Waited for crop to empty.
Then around noon gave her mushed tomato mixed with oil, probiotics and ACV, no crumbles.
Crop emptied in about 4 hours!
Then gave mash of crumbles mixed with water, probiotic, and ACV.
6 hours later (now), hasn't emptied, but feels soft and droopy. I don't feel any solids in her crop.

Apparently her crop CAN empty quickly (only took 4 hours once today) but then it slowed down again. She acts perfectly fine, she's laying good, great appetite, active and she WAS pooping normally (and a lot) until I brought her inside for treatment - now she just poops water, very infrequent, clear with a few urates. I haven't seen any sign of the tomatos and crumbles in her crop or her poop.

She's hardly pooping, and there's no solids in it. Maybe because I'm giving her very little to eat? Until I started treatment her poop was perfect, even with the crop issue. Am I doing this wrong? Any advice? She seemed better off before I intervened.
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It's 5:00 AM, 12 hours since she last ate and her crop has gone down a lot but it's not empty. It still feels like water in there and it still feels droopy. She has pooped 3 or 4 times though and it looks much better, still a bit watery but mostly solid chunks, so she's digesting (slowly). I really hope this isn't pendulous crop. I can't find much information on it so thanks for that link ddawn. Or maybe it's the beginnings of sour crop since it feels so liquidy. I just don't know.

Unfortunately, tomorrow night she has to go back out with the flock for 2 days while I'm away then I'll bring her back in the house and start over. I'll be able to be with her 24/7 then, so I need a treatment plan. I have someone coming to open and shut the coop while I'm gone but there's no one to care for her individually inside the house. I'm thinking she'll be ok since she is digesting her food and pooping. But I'm really worried about her eating freely and stretching her crop. Why does my life have to get in the way of taking care of my babies....

That said, if 2 days of eating freely (crumbles only, dirt run, no free range) will do her serious harm, I would try to find a way to stay with her. I need advice.

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