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Feb 13, 2008
Is there any way to know what you'll get when you cross two different varieties?

I have a Barred Rock Rooster with Brown Leghorns, Blue Silkies, Buff Orps, RIR and Americana Hens.

We just hatched two clutches of chicks. The first hatch (3 weeks) came from the Leghorns and one from a Silkie. They all look like BR's...even the one with the tell-tale Silkie 5th toe.

The second hatch (3 days) all look like BR too. If I let him mate with the Americanas, RIR and Buffs, will ALL have BR traits?
Does every male pass on its traits to the chicks or is that specific to BR? I don't want my beautiful Buffs having BR babies!!! He does a great job protecting the hens but I want to keep some variety within my flock. Any suggestions, other than keeping him separate from the hens?
What happens if you cross RIR with Buff Orpingtons? I have 2 flocks but the roos sometimes intermingle. I'd like to hatch eggs, and most of them should be pure, but some may end up as crosses.
Thank you for your responses. Do you know of a link where I can research which breeds can be crossed to produce desired results?
The BR on LB leghorn should be crele chicks. The barred on BO's or RIR should be buff or red barred. The BR on blue silkie should be blue or normal barred. With the americaunas, are they pure or hatchery birds?
No, If the FEMALE is barred only the male offspring will be barred.

If it's the rooster who is barred all his chicks will display some barring.
The americaunas are from the hatchery. Why is it that the barring doesn't carry over to the buffs? I appreciate your wisdom. Where can I find out more about predicting traits of mated breeds? I've done search after search on the web and can't find anything!!!

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