Cross-Country Flock Move + Acclimation? How will they fare?


Jun 3, 2021
Columbus, GA
In an unexpected turn of events, I will have to move my ducks from a place where the temperatures are typically very cool, it’s moist, and grassy (duck heaven!!) to a place across the country where it tends to be quite warm, the yard is sandy with some instance of cacti growing (yikes) and not a lot of moisture or forage to speak of. I’m not as concerned with transport as I am with acclimation to the new environment (western Washington to Georgia is quite the change)- I’m a teenager and my dad says that if it would be bad for the ducks to acclimate I’ll have to give them away. I really don’t want that, since I bought and raised these myself. So I’m here to ask: does anyone have any tips on acclimation, that being making it easier, if this is even possible at all?

Show Sebright

Apr 1, 2020
Orlando FL
Ducks will be fine in GA. They live happily in FL and there are plenty of breeders in GA. They might start twitching their wings because of the change in temp. I’m a teenager in FL and my friends have ducks here. They are crazy monsters. Hope the move goes good!

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