Cross-Dressed Sebright?

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    Okay folks, I could use some help. I am a total noob with Sebrights, so this one is confusing me. These little Sebrights - hatchery quality, I know - are about 3+ months old. I have one obvious cockerel, three obvious pullets - and one we call RuPaul, because if she is a he, or he is a she, he/she is very good at hiding it!
    The first pic shows Lucy, one of the silver-laced pullets. Her sister, Lacey, is on the ground below her. My gold laced girlie (not shown) is about the same, but more camera-shy ... translated as "too quick to catch!" The red comb in the lower right belongs to my obvious (and crowing) cockerel, Lord Barrymore.
    The second pic shows Barry with RuPaul. Roop is much smaller than Barry (but only about 10 days younger.) He/she has nowhere near the comb development and none of the "Big Guy" attitude of Lord B. But, Roop has wattles and that comb is bigger than those on the girls, although not bigger than those of many hens I'm seeing from private breeders on the internet. So, what do you think? Which way does my little RuPaul lean?
    Lucy6.jpg BarryRuPaul.jpg

    EDIT - added a picture of Barrymore's comb for comparison

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    Sebright roosters are supposed to be hen-feathered - they aren't supposed to have the hackle and saddle feathers that males of other breeds develop. So if yours doesn't have that, that's actually correct for the breed.

    It can make sexing them a bit trickier, though. However, with that much comb at just three months old, I'm saying he's a cockerel.
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    I'm leaning towards cockerel. My Sebright girls took FOREVER to develop much in the way of comb/wattles. :)

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    If Roop is a cockerel for having that much comb at three months, that must make Barry a real "He-Man!" My kids will LOVE it!
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