cross eyed runt quail

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    Jun 13, 2011
    we are raising 12 quail chicks, Pharoah D1. They were hatched by someone else, in an incubator. we have been caring for them since day 2. They are 18 days old. One chick is not developing at the same pace. Very small still, with plumage not coming in as fast. Also, it appears to have poor balance still, like they all did in the first few days. When I look closely at his eyes, the pupils are pointed towards his beak, appearing cross eyed. He is eating and drinking fine, and though he falls asleep more often than the others, he appears outwardly healthy.
    Any thoughts on this? Could he have a developmental disability? or is this just runt-like behaviour.
    Any insight is very appreciated,
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    Runts are common. Sometimes they catch up, sometimes they dont. Occasionally they die. Nothing you can do one way or the other. Add vitasol or sav a chik for electrolytes/nutrients if you want to do anything at all.

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