Cross Stitch Bookmarks-Help!!

Discussion in 'Hobbies' started by tabsmonsters, Feb 18, 2009.

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    I am wanting to make my grandmother a Cross Stitch bookmark for her birthday on the 28th. I am looking for something Biblical since she will use it in her Bible or something with hummingbirds. I have googled for several hours and didn't find much. If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it! None of the stores around here have what I am looking for and I am running out of time. Preferably something that works on 14 count Aida or if you can tell me how to modify it to fit.

    I was also wondering if anyone has made their own from Aida cloth? I couldn't find any premade at the store, so I wanted to try my own and I am a little nervous. I bought some lace at the fabric store and I was going to try and sew it on or even try to sew along the edges of the Aida cloth to keep it from unraveling. Any tips are appreciated!!

    Thank you sooo much!
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    I think you could turn under the edge, lay the lace along the back to just cover that turned under edge and sew it on. You could also back it with a wide ribbon, if you wanted to.

    You could also trim the edge flush and do a button hole type stitch along the edge, using the second hole in from the edge, so it didn't unravel. That could be done on a machine, too, it you wanted to do that.

    For light weight bookmarks, I usually buy mine pre-made, although I've made a few. Some were backed and I even fringed a couple that were country designs. These days, they also have that fusible web for fabric and trim, too. That could be very interesting.

    I made a lot of heavy-weight bookmarks for my husband. He's in IT and wanted something to use in the big computer binders he was using at the time. When they were done, I trimmed the Aida to size and turned the edges under. Then I sewed them to a backing of ecru colored plastic canvas, that had the same number of holes per inch as the fabric I used, so the holes would line up. The turned under edge of the cloth was lined up with the cut edge of the plastic canvas. They were quite robust and exactly what he wanted. I was originally going to back them with felt, but in the end I went with the plastic canvas for a backing, so they'd have more body.
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    You don't have to trim the edges with anything!
    I made myself a bookmark and sewed around the perimeter about 4 spaces away from the edge. Then I pulled some threads from the very edges to fringe it.

    Also, if you can find a pattern book with a pattern you like, just do part of that one in the middle if your bookmark.
    I did a unicorn's head for a bookmark that was actually part of a much larger pattern. It came out great!

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