Crossbeak or something else?

Crossbeak is usually hereditary, so there isn't much you can do about it. Many cross beaked birds live normal lives, though may need a little extra help. Providing deep dishes of food makes it easier for birds with a cross beak to eat. Sometimes, trimming the beak so that it aligns better is a good idea.

Here are is a good link on living with cross-beaked birds:

And, some other links:

I hope this helps!
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If it is a cross beak, it isn't bad at all. But could just be a beak injury. I hope someone with more experience with less severe cross beak can come along. I had a chick born 8 days ago who had pretty severe cross beak. This was her beak. She died yesterday. Don't mind the eye, it turned out to be a piece of sand.

I'm sorry to hear that sweet little chick died.. may she rest in piece

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